keratin treatment

Best Keratin Treatment in Bhubaneswar

Generally, a keratin treatment is a chemical process which is done for smooth and shine frizzy hair. This method was originated in Brazil when some Brazilian researchers discovered a natural protein (Keratin) can be used for hair treatment purposes. Later on, other countries adopted this technology. However, the Keratin treatment has different versions like Brazilian, Blowout, Goldwell Kerasilk and other customized blended formulas.

Blond Unisex Saloon offers the best keratin treatment in Bhubaneswar at an unbeatable price. We are one of the leading unisex saloons in Bhubaneswar that utilizes the most advanced methods to give you the best hairstyles. Our offered Keratin treatment is extremely beneficial in terms of giving the proper nourishment and relaxed curls to your hair.

Our keratin-treatment process • Our hair experts first remove the dirt and grime from your hair surface to start the process. During this process clarifying shampoos are used instead of conditioners. • According to the hair expert, and the products used on your hair, you will be guided to make your hair towel dried, blow dried or to remain damp. • After this, the hairstylist gathers your hair into sections and applies the keratin treatment. Next, he/she combs out the hair is throughout, to ensure the product reaches all parts of the hair. • The hair expert then let the product to remain on the hair for a while depending on the product. Usually, this process takes 10 to 20 minutes but mainly the directions of time frame are instructed by the manufacturer of the product. • The hairstylists decide whether heat may be required or the hair will be covered by a cap according to the nature of the product. • Now the hairstylists let the hair blow dried and then flat ironed. This is done to lock the product on the hair surface. The heated iron enhances the shine of the hair as well as straightens the hair.